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Brand: Joma
Product Code: Champion Fluorescent Football Boot


The microfibre forming the upper has been replaced with breathable and lightweight polyester fibre adjusting to the foot as if it were a sock. It is called Champion, because it is different from the others.
The upper is made of light and breathable microfibre, which does not absorb water while retaining its original lightness. Traction-resistant lining made of nylon. With ONE PIECE technology, using a single, seamless, piece, assisting its adjustment to the foot and preventing weight increase. With WATER RESISTANT technology (which prevents water absorption and retains its original lightness) and M COUNTER technology: a buttress at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape. Piece made of PVC and Foam.
Semi-rigid PVC insole to firmly retain the structure of the sole studs throughout the shoe's useful life.
Pre-shaped EVA lining insole that adjusts to the shape of the foot.
MULTI 2014 sole. Made using two PU injections. The external structure is comprised of a single piece thus adding useful toughness. It is supplemented by the strength provided by the greater density obtained through internal injection. Vertical reinforcement at the shank. The biomechanical distribution of the studs provides greater stability.

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