Dragon Hockey Pulse Hockey Stick - 55% Carbon

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Flexible, dynamic and forgiving, Pulse from the Ignite Series has been perfectly tuned for the next generation of first-class hockey players.

Similar to the other Ignite series, Pulse encompasses a significant number of technological advancements, and its blend of 55% carbon provides the optimum level of flexibility and feedback. This has been finely tuned for hockey players who are beginning to play at a higher level than before, looking for that step up in capability. Pulse also has an extreme low bow mould of 205mm making it easier to learn the more advanced aspects of the game.

Utilising world-leading technology, Pulse’s AeroCarbon bonding significantly increases tensile strength making it more durable and longer lasting on sand based astroturfs. Its precision engineered I-Core combines a perfect blend of power and weight, to deliver stick capabilities never seen before. This, in conjunction with its face touch compound – for improved touch control, and a foam loaded grip to reduce vibrations, gives it a great all-round feel.

Pulse has been finely tuned for the progressing hockey player who is looks for a stick that can perform at every level.