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Hockey Stick Breakages & Complaints

Manufacturers will only replace sticks that are obviously faulty and have failed very early in their usage – usually the first few weeks.
Wear to the head is feature of modern hockey and manufacturers cannot and will not replace sticks for this reason. Hockey is a contact sport. Sticks clash from time to time and damage inflicted on a stick from clashes with other sticks is not a cause for complaint as it is part of the nature of the game.
A well used or worn stick showing clear signs of damage having been inflicted on it through abuse or general play will NOT be replaced.

The following list is not covered and are not suitable for returning a stick:

Paintwork, chips or scratches, nicks, “invisible cracks”, unraveling grip, cracks in the label, worn stick heel, loose particles inside the composite’s interior, rattles, vibration, or any other result of normal use. These problems will not affect play of the stick.
In the event of loose particles and rattles inside of the stick; this can usually be resolved by removing the end cap of the hockey stick and shaking the particles out.


While the FIH (International Hockey Federation) rules allow reverse edge hitting, the warranties from the manufacturers DO NOT cover this type of damage. If you hit the ball with this area of the stick, you do so entirely at your own risk. Please note that a huge amount of damage inflicted on a stick is done so during training and repetitive drills.
We are unable to offer a replacement or refund for damage caused by hitting the ball with either edge of the hockey stick.
As always you are strongly are advised to retain your receipt or order confirmation so that we can establish the exact age of the product. Some suppliers will request this, or some other form of proof of purchase when a stick is returned.
We will NOT accept returns of any hockey sticks older than 6 months, EVEN if you have bought at the end of the season or have been injured for a long period of time and not played.

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