Haca H10 B 15K MB Hockey Stick

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The new H10 is our flagship stick and our top of the range 90% carbon content. We've dropped the carbon content by 5% to give the stick more feel when trapping and dribbling!

With its MidBow it makes it the ideal all rounder with its 225mm bend point! With an average weight of just 545g the light weight really encourages super fast hand speed!

We at HACA pride ourselves in creating top quality sticks with completely original designs and I think we have knocked it out of the park again with this Silver check carbon design. The 15k is Swedish textreme heavy chess carbon cloth giving this stick unbelievable hitting power. To say it packs a punch is an understatement. Its our first stick using this higher grade 15k carbon providing extra stiffness and superb durability.

Rough face to reduce ball spin.

90% carbon, 15k textreme golden fabric, 5% kevlar, 5% aramid

Average weight 545g.

225mm bend point with a highest bow point of 24.50mm

Gold checked Matt finish.