Haca Washable Inner Plastic Shinpad Painted

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All new Haca washable inner plastic shinpad. Inner Black sleeve fully removable for washing.

XS, Small, Med and Large available.


Wht/Gold Painted Plastic Shinpad with HACA in Green.

XS - 10/12 approx

Small - 12/13

Med - 14 plus

Large - Adult.

Hockey shinpads are very much based on leg length. A shinpad should cover the majority of the shinbone so not like a soccer shinpad that only covers the lower part of the shin. Height wise is probably easier with a XS suitable from 4"11 to 5 foot, Small from 5ft to 5"3, Med from 5"4 to 5"8 and a large from 5" 9 and over... These are all approximations a a guide to help you get the right size!!