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Turn your door into your home gym. Customize your training routine for a wide variety of different exercises with our small and portable Let’s Bands door anchor. The heavy duty door anchor comes with a protective sleeve to protect your powerbands from regular wear and tear and it’s ideal for upper-body training exercise. Attachable to any three-hinge door and any door can easily become a piece of valuable workout equipment for on-the-go training in your very own doorway. FEATURES:
  • Simple, portable anchor attaches to any solid door without damaging paint or wood
  • Get a total-body workout anywhere there's a door
  • Excellent training tool for at-home or on-the-go workouts
  • The use of the door attachment enhances the execution of upper body and core (trunk) exercises
  • Attach to up & down hinge side of door to change angle of resistance
  • Door anchor attaches to resistance cables and resistance bands
  • Includes protective non-wear sleeve to minimize wear and tear on cables/tubes