Wood Dragline Reg 24 Hockey Stick (2022)

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Vendor : Wood Hockey

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Dragline 24,75 low bow with trailrail -thin tip with 90% carbon. The stick has a perfect fit in the hand with which you can generate more power. Together with the drag flick rail (dent) for the ideal drag push. In short, a real "must have" stick for those who occasionally stand at the circle as a drag pusher.

However, because the rail is higher than normal, you can also flatten and hit normally without the ball bumping or going up. The 90% carbon provides enough power and the 5% fiberglass ensures precision and control during take-over/stop and on the move during the ball lining.

Oval Cap End to maximise bow height

  • Lowbow 24 mm
  • Carbon: 90%
  • Fiberglass: 5%
  • Kevlar: 5%
  • Warranty: 6 months after purchase
  • Length: 36.5 inches